Demi Oluwasina

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship is a vital pathway in the world and in particular in Africa for harnessing the rich human potential that exists. While entrepreneurship is championed, there are however failure rates still in-part due to the lack of skills, knowledge and support needed.

I bridge the gap between Entrepreneurs and the skills, knowledge and capacity they need to succeed. Drawing on personal experience and multiple years of work in the Entrepreneurship Development space, I design programs including Incubation programs to help entrepreneurs acquire much-needed skills. I also provide mentorship and bespoke coaching support to entrepreneurs.

I help to design and deliver entrepreneurship programmes and practical entrepreneurship learning experiences.

Some project examples & Case studies

Alibaba Global Digital Entrepreneurship Challenge

I served as the Africa Region Director of the Global Digital Entrepreneurship Challenge in partnership with the Alibaba Business School. I led the building of an Entrepreneurship Support Program that attracted more than 600 startups from across the continent and supported hundreds to strengthen their businesses with the top 3 winning funding globally.

Founder Institute Mentorship

I have been serving as a mentor with the Founder Institute, supporting a diversity of startup businesses in development and growth.

Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners Program

I have served as a facilitator/trainer with the Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners, helping to grow businesses by facilitating learning in Design Thinking, Customer Development, Digital Marketing and Agile Business Operations.