Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Learning Innovation Consultant

An ecosystem builder and innovative professional with expertise and track record in leadership, project leadership and management, product management and learning innovation


About Me

Author, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, Strategist and Leader are some of the ways I have brought my value to the world and made impact.

My journey is driven by curiosity, a passion to explore my potential and the drive to add value to and help others. I have been opportune to work with, speak to and collaborate with a diversity of people in more than 12 countries and 3 continents of the world in driving impactful solutions. I have spoken to multiple global audiences in-person and virtually. I have also created and led impactful products, projects and events across different locations, positively impacting the lives of thousands in the process. I believe that when everyone steps up authentically to their leadership potential, the world can be a better and whole place. 

What I Do

My mission is to work with like-minded individuals to unlock potential and drive transformation of people and systems .

Entrepreneurship Development

I develop and deploy Entrepreneurship Programs and Projects for Institutions.

Training and Facilitation

I provide Corporate Training and Facilitate Engaging, Transformative Workshops.

Product Management

I collaborate with and lead amazing teams to develop impactful products. 

Transformation Coaching

I work one-on-one with amazing individuals to help unleash their potential.

Featured Resource & Ventures

PlanBpreneur Book Release

Take Charge of Your Life, Income and Career.

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Experiential Learning Innovation Agency for Institutions and Organizations
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Unlimited Design outsourcing firm for brands and organizations

Clients & Platforms

Here are some of the amazing global and local organizations I have had the opportunity to serve and collaborate with [as well as Media Platforms I’ve been featured on]. 

“Demi regularly goes above and beyond his role to bring in new partnerships and opportunities for our students and the institution. He thinks creatively not just about what is, but about what could be. His optimistic vision is refreshing and inspiring”
Dr. Gaidi Faraj
Fmr. Head of College, African Leadership University, Rwanda
Demi Speaking to UPEX Participants