Demi Oluwasina

Young Professionals Mentoring Program Rwanda [Y-PMP]

3-Month Mentoring Program to help early career professionals in the first 1-3 years at work grow and thrive personally and professionally.
100s of Clients & Stages Served


Professional and life Areas: Mindset, Finances, Workplace Etiquette, Career Progression, Purpose, Relationships, Networking, and more


Open to young Rwandan professionals in the first 1-3 years of their working career.

What you will gain

This 3-month mentoring program will inspire and equip you to thrive in your personal and professional journey. If you are looking for guidance, support, and proven strategies, you will find this mentorship program a valuable help on your journey. If you are willing to commit to the requirements of the program, do fill out the form below to apply.


You will get clearer direction on how to navigate the professional goals you are setting for different areas of your life


You will build your confidence by realizing your unique qualities and challenging yourself to accomplish your goals


You will grow in your competence and skill through feedback and learning recommendations


You will build character through feedback, accountability, and confronting tough and challenging situations


You will find support and an ambitious and purposeful community to walk with on your journey



Goal setting and tracking


In-person Workshop


Monthly Group Calls


Learning Dinner


Weekly Check-Ins


Recommended Learning Resources

Program Cost


Free Application Closes June 2023
Please note however that participants will cover their feeding cost for the dinner and in-person workshop. If you are not willing to cover your own dinner costs, kindly do not apply.

Lead Mentor & Organizer

Demilade Oluwasina

Demilade is a Learning Innovation, Entrepreneurship Development & Future of Work Consultant. He is the Founder of Learnible Global, a Learning Innovation Company based in Kigali, Rwanda

His background and expertise spans more than 15 years across 10+ countries and 3 continents across different industries including Design, Publishing and Advertising, Higher Education, Agriculture, Music and Media, Entrepreneurship Development, Learning, and Development, etc.

He started and led IMW Creative Enterprise, a publishing and advertising firm in Nigeria for more than 5 years. He transitioned into Higher Education at the African Leadership University where designed and delivered curriculum to young leaders from more than 30 countries across Africa. He also initiated and ran a Digital Economy Programme, winning the award for Leading Institution of Digital Entrepreneurship Education from the Alibaba Business School in the Global Digital Talent Program.

He has been a trainer and facilitator for more than 10 years and is a design thinking expert and facilitator. He is an author, speaker, coach, and convener of conferences including LEXICON – Learning Excellence Innovation Conference and Africa Future of Work and Entrepreneurship Summit.

Why Y-PMP [Young Professionals Mentoring Program]

I have been blessed to have mentors at different points in my life, supporting me on my professional journey and that has helped me make progress. Also, I have found areas in my life where I wish I would have found mentors earlier. My main motivation is to build up and equip young professionals to thrive in their journeys. I have done this through ad-hoc and occasional mentoring support but now, I am rolling out a structured program to ensure that my efforts and the time of everyone are best utilized and that I can continue to support more individuals.

Apply Now

Please note that slots for the program are limited and only the best applications will be selected. Do complete the form below with your details latest by 30th May 2023

Duration: 3 Months | Starting: July 2023 – September 2023

Free Application Closes June 2023

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