Demi Oluwasina

Team Building & Strategy Retreats

High performing teams recognize the need to occasionally step away from the day-to-day, evaluate key indicators including team performance, team and organizational health, progress towards goals and more.

Here, through carefully designed experiences and activities, I help teams examine their current level of performance, chemistry and ways of working. Through intentional programming, I help teams evaluate and make necessary shifts to become more collaborative, supportive and result-oriented.

Importantly, as teams try to solve problems, explore new strategic directions or make important decisions, I can serve as a facilitator to help teams drive towards goals while leveraging all available resources and holding space for exploration, consideration and adoption of the most effective ideas.

Team Building & Strategy Retreats

Team Building & Strategy Retreats

I helped design and lead the delivery of a retreat for a 120-person team over a period of 5 days. We helped the team work through current challenges hindering performance to become a more open and connect team. Using experiential activities and intentionally-designed outcome and debrief approaches, we delivered an exceptional experience.

Leadership Team Strategy Session

I worked with a team over a number of sessions to help craft new product development strategy and marketing strategy to help the organization become more competitive and capture market share.

Growth Mindset Retreat Session

I designed and delivered a session on helping members of a 200+ person organization acquire a growth mindset to help equip team members ahead of a multi-country expansion move.