Demi Oluwasina

Learning Products Development

Learning products range from designed programs, courses and digital resources to other resources, including toolkits, guidebooks and more.

Using a human-centered and outcomes-based approach, I help envision, plan out/scope and lead the execution of impactful learning products. These learning products can be used as train the trainer tools (the people delivering learning) or by the learners themselves to enhance the results.

Learning products create an opportunity to scale learning access even when there is ‘no teacher/facilitator’ in the present, that is why I focus on possibilities for self-directed engagement, social learning or group facilitation to ensure envisioned skills and competencies are acquired.

Some project examples & Case studies

Entrepreneurship Development Toolkit

I helped to conceptualize, scope out, lead and in large part design an Entrepreneurship programming Toolkit for a new university. By embarking on a needs analysis and benchmarking with other examples, I helped to create and deliver a fit-for-purpose toolkit to serve as a guide for Entrepreneurship Program Delivery at the institution.

Business Advisor Program

I led the development of a Business Advisor Academy program for an organization looking to have a reliable source of upskilling for its business advisors- old and new. I played a major role in creating and producing the content while coordinating contribution from other parties.

Internship Excellence Guidebook

I helped create an internship Guidebook for an organization helping graduates become employable.